Accounting and Wages

Accounting is a comprehensive system which will not allow any information to leak out.

Accounting Consultancy

Accounting Consultancy

Accounting is intended to be the basis for tax assessment, however, also to provide information for effective corporate management.
Revision of Accounting

Revision of Accounting

Do You feel that something is missing in your bookkeeping or that the submitted accounting is not correct or complete? This situation may unfortunately sometimes occur.
Wage Accounting

Wage Accounting

A qualified team of our wage accountants is ready for our clients to process wage accounting, including personnel agenda and related administration. In the case of a client's request, we also manage payroll payments of employees to their personal accounts.
Accounting Management

Accounting Management

A qualified team of our accountants is prepared to make double or simple bookkeeping, depending on what form of accounting is obligatory for You as a client. There is also the possibility of keeping tax records.

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We further provide services for Housing Associations and Owners Associations, services connected with company management and accounting software EuroFib.






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